Wij zijn geen mensen die een spirituele ervaring hebben.
Wij zijn spirituele wezens die een menselijke ervaring hebben.

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twin flames

Twin Flames

From our first meeting we knew. We knew this was meaningful, beyond words. Beyond the comprehension of earthly love. When we’re together it’s like time doesn’t exist. When we’re together it feels like home. What we have is unconditional. Our energetic connection rooted in the core of our soul. Deeply connected with each other. The magnetic attraction of knowing each other. Knowing that we play an important role in learning our life lessons, together. Knowing that we were destined to be together.

To mirror, to reflect, our hidden fears and shadow selves. And our strengths. To learn how to love, unconditionally. A blind faith of trust. Trust that we know what’s good for each other. To know we have a higher purpose together. To believe in each other. To be free to be our authentic selves, because we know it is safe. I know you and you know me. This is not the first time we met. And it surely won’t be our last.



In a world filled with hate and despair. With injustice and cruelty. With violation and discrimination. A world where judgement is passed so easily. Without empathy or compassion.

A world where individuality has lost its way. Consumed and manipulated. Controlled by the people with power. Consumed with greed and money. Nature is losing its beauty, its purity. It’s getting sacrificed for welfare. No matter what the consequences. Humans take what they want, what they think they need. All because of prosperity. Going into war with no hesitation. With no care who lives or dies. Only because there is a need for power. We are betraying our own kind. We are losing our purpose.

Awareness awakens. We are waking up and realizing what’s going on. Where and when will this end? It’s up to us. Duality and polarity are needed in this earthly life, but at what cost? How can we keep on living like this? It can’t go on like this. We need fill our hearts with love and share this love. We shall unite and bring joy to our hearts. A world filled with love and compassion. With respect for one another. Without judgement and ignorance. We truly are the ones who can make the change. Let’s start!



I hear the beating of the drum, I feel the rhythm of my heart. I hear my ancestors calling me, the journey is about to start. Entering into the world of Spirit, I reignite my fire. As I awaken my inner Shaman, I gain all the wisdom I desire. 

I go into a deep state of trance, guided by the spirit of the Bear. I feel the healing starting, while I’m saying my prayer. Great Spirit give me the strength, with every adversity I might face. Let me be confident and courageous, handle every hardship with grace.

Help me restore my harmony, and the balance within my soul. Guide me towards completion, so I can be part of the whole.

Tifanny galerie


If you can value yourself, if you can truly believe that you deserve it. If you really feel that this is what you need. Not from ego or materialism, but for growth and enriching your life, then anything is possible! But only if you actually believe it. 

Only if you are ready to choose your path of happiness. When you are convinced that life is for you and not against you, the world opens up to you. If you believe in it, you can achieve anything! If you can dream it, there is no doubt you will achieve it. So manifest what you aspire and manifest your dreams into existence!



I am Yemaya, the Mother Goddess of the ocean, I’m here to kindly and lovingly bring you into the depths of your existence. I’m here to guide you towards the abyss of your reality. I’m here to show you the way to the source. To the cellular level of your being. To your place of origin.

In feelings of unsafety you can invoke me and I will be there to listen and help. In those moments of need you will feel nurtured and cared for, safe and protected. I will help you heal your emotional wounds and solve your issues with your love of self.

I will remind you that the worst can be endured. Like ebb and flow it is all part of the cycle, inspired by the dance of the sun and the moon. I’m here to let you know that once you are in harmony, the ebb and flow of life will come in a natural pace.

If you open yourself up to me, I will help you cleanse your sorrow and suffering. If you are brave enough to go into the depths of your soul. Explore your origin and to dive deeper into your subconscious. All answers lie within and we’re waiting for you to rise up! 



Queen of the night I call upon, grace me
with your guidance until the light of dawn.

Guide me through my world of dreams,
because good or bad,
nothing is ever what is seems.

With every dream having its own story,
which dream should I remember
upon mornings glory?

Lead me through this night of twilight,
show me the way so I can gain insight.

In what it is that can make dreams come true.
Queen of the night this is what I ask of you.

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