From our first meeting we knew. We knew this was meaningful, beyond words. Beyond the comprehension of earthly love. When we’re together it’s like time doesn’t exist. When we’re together it feels like home. What we have is unconditional. Our energetic connection rooted in the core of our soul.

Deeply connected with each other. The magnetic attraction of knowing each other. Knowing that we play an important role in learning our life lessons, together. Knowing that we were destined to be together. To mirror, to reflect, our hidden fears and shadow selves. And our strengths. To learn how to love, unconditionally. A blind faith of trust.

Trust that we know what’s good for each other. To know we have a higher purpose together. To believe in each other. To be free to be our authentic selves, because we know it is safe.

I know you and you know me. This is not the first time we met. And it surely won’t be our last.