As you lie in bed tonight, take a deep breath. Inhale light energy and exhale dark energy. Visualize how this looks and repeat several times. You will feel more and more relaxed and lighter. As on a cloud, floating higher and higher.

With each inhale, you expand your inner light. Until high above you’ve become a source of light. Imagine your light energy spreading across the sky. Like the Northern Lights, it spreads a colorful glow.

What color spreads across your darkened sky? What does this color mean to you? How does it make you feel? Look up, do you see the brightest star? Does this star have anything to tell you? What color is this star? How does it make you feel seeing this bright star?

This star represents your inner light. One with the cosmos, with infinite possibilities. Let it inspire you, everything is possible. In your own magical world of dreams. Be your own shining light in the dark. So you can spread your light into the world.