The Japanese art of kintsugi repairs broken objects and accentuates the cracks by filling them with gold. It shows that scars, whether physical or emotional, are not something you need to hide. It is the very proof that you have overcome difficulties and the scars proof that it is healed. Maybe still vulnerable, but nothing to be ashamed of!

You can wear it with pride. Each crack has its own story and reveals a part of your history. It has value because it left a mark, a connection to a memory from the past. And instead of looking at it with disgust, see it as a valuable lesson learned. Nothing happens without a reason and the pain we experience in life can be very educational and healing. If we choose to see its beauty.

You are worthy of love and what is broken can be made whole again. Never forget how strong you really are! Show your the cracks and scars and be proud! Reveal those beautiful perfect imperfections! Because that what makes you, you.