In the distance there is a darkened sky. Be aware, there is more to it than meets the eye. You hear the rumbling come closing in. Now is the time to deal with what has been.

The wind turns and whirls and creates confusion. Don’t be disturbed because it’s only a delusion. Flashes of light reveal what you don’t want to see. Take a good look though, because it could set you free.

With a thunder you feel it in your whole being. Stop overthinking because there is nothing more freeing. A struck of lightening sets your world on fire. Surrender to this force because it’s all you desire.

This is the force that will burn away any hindrance. When it’s out of the way you will get some clearance. The clouds break, tears are falling from above. Let it wash away your needless fear of love.

The wind calms down, your sight is clear. It is time to let go of all of the fear. The sky lights up, the light comes through. And the darkness revealed a new path to pursue.