I am Yemaya, the Mother Goddess of the ocean,
I’m here to kindly and lovingly bring you into
the depths of your existence. I’m here to guide
you towards the abyss of your reality.
I’m hereto show you the way to the source.
To the cellular level of your being. To your place
of origin.

In feelings of unsafety you can invoke me and
I will be there to listen and help. In those moments
of need you will feel nurtured and cared for, safe
and protected. I will help you heal your emotional
wounds and solve your issues with your love of self.

I will remind you that the worst can be endured.
Like ebb and flow it is all part of the cycle, inspired
by the dance of the sun and the moon. I’m here to
let you know that once you are in harmony, the ebb
and flow of life will come in a natural pace.

If you open yourself up to me, I will help you cleanse
your sorrow and suffering. If you are brave enough
to go into the depths of your soul. Explore your origin
and to dive deeper into your subconscious.
All answers lie within and I’m waiting for you to rise up!