There is light, lots of light, and then there is darkness. I feel shattered,
life feels surreal. Who am I? I know who I don’t want to be. And yet,
I don’t know who I need to be. What do my heart and my soul need?


Shattered reflections of the past. Shattered memories, each telling
different stories. Some made up, some with truth. What do I believe,
which one is true? A shattered identity. Who am I?

Waves of clarity and obscurity flow unconsciously through my mind.
Sometimes, as struck by lightening I know. I know who I want to be,
who I need to be. Then my thoughts shatter.

Wandering around in the dark forest of my thoughts, I’ve tried to find
my way out. I’ve closed my eyes, my heart and my soul out of fear.

Now they’re open. I wandered around, without seeing the light.
While the light was always there. Shattered within my heart and soul.