I am Love

Most of us search for that one true love in our lives. The one that will make us happy,
the one that will love us so deeply that we finally feel complete.
But why are we looking outside of ourselves to find that love? Wouldn’t it be much better,
and easier, to find that love within? Because if you see yourself as your truest love,
nothing or no one can take it away from you. You’ll always have the one you love the most
with you. It’s you who you have to live with for the rest of your life so I would say start
loving that person the most.

You might feel an emptiness, but you can never separate from the one truest love of all, you!
Real true love is loving yourself wholeheartedly and unconditionally. Once you do you will
never feel alone again. It’s about total acceptance of who you are, in all the good and the ‘bad’.
This is you! Perfectly imperfect and beautifully flawed. You only need to change anything,
if you want to change anything. No one can tell you who you should be,
that’s for you to find out yourself. And whoever you’ll be or become is only as important
as you value yourself.

You are who you are, because of what you’ve experienced in life. We all carry the weight
of our past with us, but it doesn’t have to define us. Only if we let it… You do have a choice
in how you want to perceive yourself. You are exactly who you are suppose to be right
in this moment. And you might not like who you are right now, but if you can find compassion
and understanding for who you were, you’re one step closer to finding love for oneself.

Surrender to your love within, release all that was holding you back. Once you fill yourself up
with love of Self it will radiate all around you. Touching and inspiring everyone you come across.
You are a beacon of love once you start to love yourself. You’ll attract what you feel you deserve
and you will receive, that’s the law of attraction. Be love and be loved.