In a world filled with hate and despair.
With injustice and cruelty.
With violation and discrimination.
A world where judgement is passed so easily.
With no empathy, no compassion.
A world full of regrets.

A world where individuality has lost its way.
Consumed and manipulated. Controlled by
the people with power. Consumed with greed
and money. Nature is losing its beauty, its purity.
It’s getting sacrificed for welfare. No matter
what the consequences. Humans take what they
want, what they think they need. All because of
prosperity. Going into war with no hesitation.
With no care who lives or dies. Only because
there is a need for power. We are betraying
our own kind. We are losing our purpose.

Awareness awakens. We are waking up and
realizing what’s going on. Where and when will
this end? It’s up to us. Duality and polarity are
needed in this earthly life, but at what cost?
How can we keep on living like this? There must
be a way to deal with this. It can’t go on like this.
We need fill our hearts with love and share this love.
With everyone around us. We shall unite and bring joy
to our hearts. A world filled with love and compassion.
With respect for one another. Without judgement
and ignorance. We truly are the ones who can make
the change. Let’s start!