I’ve tried to lock my heart in a cage.
Hoping that it would help to stop the rage.
Of the pain I felt inside of me.
If I just locked it away I was suppose to be free.
But the reality was that the pain still resided.
And that my stories became very misguided.
I believed love meant to be in pain.
Until I realised there was so much more to gain.
If I would let my pain go and find love within.
Then I’ll never have to go back to the place I’ve been.
Where darkness ruled my emotional state of mind.
It was no wonder that I wasn’t able to find.
The love that I had inside of me all along.
The love that subconsciously held me strong.
My heart wasn’t broken just merely cracked.
Which was very much needed for the light to attract.
Because through the cracks came out the light.
And the light that shines is ever so bright.
Now that I know how much love is inside of me.
It will outshine the pain and set my heart free.