Zonder donker bestaat er geen licht.
Beiden zijn nodig voor inzicht, balans en groei.

Ik hoop dat mijn kunst je zal inspireren. Neem een kijkje voor meer van mijn kunst op Instagram.



I am here. I am ready. I will face any battle coming for me. I am strong. I am confident. I will fight for what I am worth. I am wise. I am devoted. I will conquer my world with my love. 

I am life and I am death. I am light and I am dark. I am everything and I am nothing. But surely, I will rise and nothing will stop me now. 

I know I can take on anything. I am here to stay. I am here to slay my demons. Guided by my ghosts of the past I decide which ones live and which ones die. I have no more fear. I have no more doubt. I am free of my chains. 

With the shrill call of the raven I know it is time. I am here and I am ready. I will own it! 


Awakening (Lindsay)

She thrives, from the hidden dark depths of her soul, she revives. She opens her eyes and understands that it was all because of her own demise. She had to go through all the dark, to find that place within that had the spark. Which as a lightening strike made her aware that she had to release herself from the ongoing nightmare.

No longer will she be locked away in the shadow, no longer is she in need to dig deep in what’s below. In the place where all her emotions reside, where her will to be free slowly died. Afraid of spreading her darkened wings, she thought she could hide away from all of her truest feelings.

But when she found her light once more she regained her strength deep within her core. Now it is time to set herself free, unlock the cage because now she has the key.


I am Love

Most of us search for that one true love in our lives. The one that will make us happy, the one that will love us so deeply that we finally feel complete. But why are we looking outside of ourselves to find that love?

Because if you see yourself as your truest love, nothing or no one can take it away from you. You’ll always have the one you love the most inside of you. It’s about acceptance of who you are, in all the good and the ‘bad’. This is you! Perfectly imperfect and beautifully flawed.

Surrender to your love within, release all that was holding you back. Love yourself wholeheartedly and unconditionally. Once you do you will never feel alone again. Once you fill yourself up with love of Self it will radiate all around you. Touching and inspiring everyone you come across. You are a beacon of love once you start to love yourself. You’ll attract what you feel you deserve and you will receive, that’s the law of attraction. Be love and be loved.



The season of change has just begun. It’s all in transition, whats done will be gone. It’s time for new beginnings, no need to look behind. Look towards the future so you are able to find.

That inevitable growth you were waiting for. Look within yourself and feel deep within your core. You planted the seeds, and so it will grow. All you have to do now is go with the flow. It’s time to let go of that what isn’t nourishing. And create a life for yourself that will be flourishing. Once you let go and find that place of tranquility. Anything in life you can imagine becomes a possibility.

Like the softness of a feather’s touch. Life will never feel again as if it is too much. With knowledge reaching high to the sky. You have everything you need for you to apply. Wherever life plants you, bloom with grace. Root yourself firmly because this is your place.



You’ve been fighting a battle for so long, while inner peace was available, all along. You thought you had to be rough and tough, suppress your emotions but enough is enough.The fight has ended lay down your sword, reclaim your inner strength, it can no longer be ignored.

Break out of the iron armor cause true power lies within, no need for a hard shell, let your vulnerability come in. No need to stay on guard cause the battle has passed, you can surrender now and free yourself at last.



In the distance there is a darkened sky. Be aware, there is more to it than meets the eye. You hear the rumbling come closing in. Now is the time to deal with what has been. The wind turns and whirls and creates confusion. Don’t be disturbed because it’s only a delusion.

The clouds break, tears are falling from above. Let the drops wash away your needless fear of love. Flashes of light reveal what you don’t want to see. But take a closer look because it can set you free. With a thunder you feel it in your whole being. Stop overthinking because there is nothing more freeing. A struck of lightening sets your world on fire. Surrender to this force because it’s all you desire.

This is the force that will burn away any hindrance. When it’s out of the way you will get some clearance. The wind calms down, your sight is clear. It is time to let go of all of the fear. The sky lights up, the light comes through. And the darkness revealed a new path to pursue.



The Japanese art of kintsugi repairs broken objects and accentuates the cracks by filling them with gold. It shows that scars, whether physical or emotional, are not something you need to hide. It is the very proof that you have overcome difficulties and the scars proof that it is healed. Maybe still vulnerable, but nothing to be ashamed of!

You can wear it with pride. Each crack has its own story and reveals a part of your history. It has value because it left a mark, a connection to a memory from the past. And instead of looking at it with disgust, see it as a valuable lesson learned. Nothing happens without a reason and the pain we experience in life can be very educational and healing. If we choose to see its beauty.

You are worthy of love and what is broken can be made whole again. Never forget how strong you really are! Show your the cracks and scars and be proud! Reveal those beautiful perfect imperfections! Because that what makes you, you.



I’ve tried to lock my heart in a cage. Hoping that it would help to stop the rage. Of the pain I felt inside of me. If I just locked it away I was suppose to be free. But the reality was that the pain still resided. And that my stories became very misguided. I believed love meant to be in pain. Until I realised there was so much more to gain.

If I would let my pain go and find love within. Then I’ll never have to go back to the place I’ve been. Where darkness ruled my emotional state of mind. It was no wonder that I wasn’t able to find.

The love that I had inside of me all along. The love that subconsciously held me strong. My heart wasn’t broken just merely cracked. Which was very much needed for the light to attract. Because through the cracks came out the light. And the light that shines is ever so bright. Now that I know how much love is inside of me. It will outshine the pain and set my heart free.



Death becomes her. The last stage of surrendering. To life, to love, to loss. To sadness, to pain, to despair. The last resort. Its time to say goodbye, goodbye to what once was but never will be again. Time for change because the times are changing. Im changing. By surrendering to what is.

There is only this moment. The moment to make the decision to say goodbye to who I once was. The dying of the old self. My defeat became my resurrection. Now I will rise.

In my loss of will I found purpose. In my pain I found strength. In my pasts I found happiness. In my despair I found hope. And in the emptiness I found life. Death became life. Death became me. I am.

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