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I create a personal digital artwork according to your wishes based on your own photo.

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Discover my magical digital photo art. Each work of art has its own identity, energy and message. They show a visual story, for you to feel and experience. Be inspired!


My art is created completely intuitively. I do have a concept in terms of theme or feeling beforehand, but I don’t have a specific idea of ​​what the result will be. This happens naturally as I add photos to the file.


Layer upon layer I look for the right, colorful photos and I cut, paste and digitally position them by feeling so that they merge together into a narrative image with always a positive and powerful message!

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Step 1: contact by email

If you have an idea or wish for a personal work of art, please send me an email or use the contact form containing:

  • The reason for your application, for example for whom and why you want to commission a work of art.
  • Your wishes and ideas about the implementation (if you already have them).
  • Possible questions

If you have an inspiring image which you want the artwork to be based on, you can also send it right away. I would also like to ask you to tell me which artwork from my portfolio appeals to you the most. This helps me to get a more specific visual inspiration.

Step 2: get acquainted in an exploratory conversation

If there is a connection, we will make an appointment for an exploratory meeting. I preferably do this by video calling or face to face if you live in The Netherlands. This conversation will last around 60 to 90 minutes, where we talk about your wishes for your unique personalized work of art. Think of subjects and themes, format, colors and style(s) that you want to see reflected in the work. I will also give you an indication of the costs and delivery time. And I of course will also answer all your questions.

Step 3: creative proposal especially for you

If we have a mutual good feeling about it, I will summarize the concept for you so that I am sure that your wishes are clear, I will email this to you. You can also make comments on this. When we come to an agreement and you have paid the invoice with a deposit of 35% of the total amount, we have a deal and I will get started!

Step 4: following the process

During the process you will receive 2 ‘work in progress’ with a short explanation. This way you see your artwork come to life and you have the opportunity to make adjustments here and there.

Step 5: when it’s finished

I will send you the pdf of the personally created artwork by email. You will also receive a PDF Certificate of Authenticity. This proves that you have an original painting by me.

It’s also possible to have the artwork printed for a nice price (if you’re living in The Netherlands).

The costs of a commissioned artwork

Because the artwork is made especially for you, there is no fixed price. This depends on your wishes and how much time it will take me. There is a starting price and that is € 500 euros excl. VAT 9%. In the exploratory meeting I give an indication of the costs and in the creative proposal I give the final price. Only when this is agreed and the deposit (of 35%) has been transferred, I start making the artwork.

If you have a smaller wallet, it is also possible to pay in installments.

Time frame

I give myself 4 to 8 weeks to work on the artwork. I work on several artworks and assignments at the same time. If you want to have a work of art made for a social occasion with a deadline, please contact me in time.

Are you interested and would you like to know more?

Please feel free to contact me to discuss the possibilities without any obligation. 


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